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NAND Flash Controller IP

Databahn Flashコントローラは、NAND型フラッシュメモリのアプリケーションに最適なソリューションです。性能、データ完全性、およびデバイス互換性などのさまざまな要求に合わせて完全にコンフィギュレーション可能なアーキテクチャを採用しています。ONFi、Toggle PHYを追加することによりhigh-speed NANDソリューションを提供します。

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Key Features:
  • Complete hardware accelerated flash solution
  • Supports all major NAND vendors
  • SLC/MLC, ONFi 2/1, Toggle-mode support
  • At speed ECC (2 to 70 bits)
  • Multiple ECC sector-size support


The Databahn NAND Flash controller IP is a hardware-accelerated architecture providing the highest performance possible from single and multi-lane applications. The advanced architecture implements two different types of DMA's, the command and data DMA's move data through the flash memory sub system. The data DMA is used by the command DMA to transfer pages. The command DMA is an intelligent command Q that works on a per CE or LUN address. Scheduling of the commands is controlled by the flash firmware. Thus, the flash software has the ability to queue an unlimited number of contiguous read/write requests using the data and command DMA.

The command DMA reduces the amount of CPU intervention and the number of interrupts such as per page transfer, error correction, and others. This permits the CPU to focus resources for address translation, wear leveling and other background tasks that are better suited for software functionality. This is especially useful when a central CPU has other tasks while flash access and data is moved without its intervention. In addition, the controller has a bit map of the flash devices. This reduces the size and development of the LLD as well as providing performance improvements and reducing the controller overhead.


NAND Flash Controller w PHY Support

NAND Flash Controller PHY Diagram


The Databahn high-performance NAND Flash memory controller core includes these features:

  • Auto configuration for all flash devices
  • Line rate error correction 2 to 40+ bits (HW correction)
  • Programmable ECC sector support
  • Data and/or command DMA
  • Multiple page-size support 2, 4, 8K
  • Support asynchronous, ONFi 2 and Toggle flash devices
  • Low-power design methodology
  • ONFi 2/Toggle NAND PHY with asynchronous support modes
    • Supports all modes of ONFi 1/2 (0 to 5)
    • Supports all clock rates for Toggle
    • Link layer for Soft PHY

Databahn Flash PHY

Databahn Flash PHY is an optimized solution for high-speed NAND Devices (ONFi 2 and Toggle). The architecture is a very robust design to enhance performance, data integrity, and minimize resources. The PHY attaches directly to the Databahn Flash controller proving a complete solution and maximizing the Flash compatibility options. The architecture is a third generation soft PHY architecture with industry leading capture capabilities.

Device Support

The Databahn NAND Flash controller provides support for all leading NAND manufacturers and device types.

ManufacturerDevice TypeCapacityWidthSpecial FunctionsComments
SamsungSLC/MLC1 to 64Gb8/16MP/CR/WAll known devices
ToshibaSLC/MLC1 to 64Gb8/16MP/CR/WAll known devices, LBA supported
HynixSLC/MLC1 to 64Gb8/16MP/CR/WAll known devices
MicronSLC/MLC1 to 64Gb8/16QP/MP/CR/W/LUNAll known devices
ONFi1SLC/MLC1 to 64Gb8MP/CR/WAll known devices (Modes1-5)
ONFi2SLC/MLC2 to 64Gb8QP/MP/CR/W/LUNAll known devices (Modes1-5)
ToggleSLC/MLC2 to 64Gb8MP/CR/WAll known devices (166MHz)

  • MP = Multi Plane
  • QP = Quad Plane
  • CR/W = Cache Read / Write
  • LUN = Logical unit Addressing


The Databahn NAND Flash controller leverages the same IP design and verification infrastructure used in Denali's Databahn DDR controller products, which are now licensed for use in over 260 chip designs. This proven IP infrastructure enables fast, efficient, and high-quality IP deployment for a wide range of SoC ASIC designs. All Databahn IP products solutions provide:

  • Expert design and verification support
  • Design reviews at each milestone
  • Library and process independent IP
  • Verification testbench
  • Synthesis scripts
  • Static timing analysis scripts
  • Layout guidelines and constraints
  • Complete documentation


"Design requirements for handheld devices continue to become more complicated and more diverse. We are continually looking for ways to help our OEM customers bring compelling features to market while reducing integration time, and we believe that Denali's technology can be a valuable complement to our industry-leading solutions for handheld devices."
Shawn Kermanchi
Director, Hardware Engineering
Handheld Division AMD

"The ONFi source-synchronous interface can be found in all of Micron's 34nm MLC and SLC NAND products, providing customers with a fast read and write throughput that breaks through the interface bottlenecks of traditional NAND, which is especially important for today's NAND-based computing applications, such as SSDs. We believe Denali's NAND flash controller technology will provide a high-quality, hardware accelerated architecture to our customers, which leverages the features and functionality of our ONFi 2.1 devices."
Kevin Kilbuck
Director of Strategic NAND Marketing